Forever Classy

•Midwest prep. Ole Miss. Πβφ.•

Our big is better than yours 😍👼 (at Memphis Zoo)
Grovin’ with the family 🌳🏈💙 (at The Grove)

Anonymous said: What's your favorite part of being a pi phi? & was it your #1 house?

My favorite thing about Pi Phi would definitely be the genuine sisterhood. Honestly, I love every single one of my sisters and it feels like home to me. It was not my first choice, but before I went through rush I had known which house I wanted to be a part of. As soon as I went through rush I immediately felt the most comfortable and myself at Pi Phi, and knew that’s where I wanted to be. You definitely end up where you are supposed to, and I know I did!

M83 - Midnight City

One of my favorites.

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SO excited tomorrow is game day! Ready to be back in the grove
Cause she’s my favorite 😇😘 (at πφ’s do it best )
Let’s get Nauti